Monday, July 02, 2007


I'm obviously not a big fan of Clemens.

However I am a big fan of baseball history. And my dad's favorite pitcher was Warren Spahn. Today Clemens got his 350th, the first to do so since Spahn in 1963. Somehow (what are the chances?) the guy who caught Spahn was named Joe Torre. Really, what are the chances? It's a funny game....

There's a pretty good chance that Maddux will get to 350 next year, if he stays healthy, but after that we'll be lucky to see anyone else get to 350. For now, though, I hope Clements keeps pitching. Bring on Kid Nichols!


Anonymous said...

box score

- hank aaron hit his 44th HR (1963) in that game
- hank's homer was his 342nd, which was also the final number of HR's in ron santo's career.
- santo ended the game (GIDP) with runners at 1st and 3rd and only one out
- some loser named lou brock finished his last full season with the cubs in that game. brock was 0-3, thankfully pulled in the 7th for nelson mathews who singled in the 9th, but was stranded at third
- torre went 2-3 and drove in a run
- spahn went 1-3, extending his hitting streak to 3 games. that's infinitely better AVG than that brock schmuck.
- spahn faced 32 batters. let's say he averaged 5 pitches per batter, that means he threw 160 pitches. spahn never went above .500 in pitching decisions again, so clearly, summing his PAP from this single game, you can blame braves coach bobby bragan for ruining spahn's arm and career.
- the game was spahn's 22nd COMPLETE GAME of the 1963 season. no single team in this century has thrown that many in a season.

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