Tuesday, July 31, 2007


The Sox picked up Gagne today. So long Kason Gabbard, we hardly knew ye!

On one level, it's a little goofy, considering they already have two all Stars in the 'pen. Do they need another? Okajima's been ridiculous, his ERA is 0.87. Papelbon too: his ERA just ballooned up to 2.15.

Obviously Gagne's great, but why get him? I wonder if they're perhaps worried about Okajima breaking down. He's pitched 51 innings this year; in Japan he's generally averaged 50 the last few years. On the bright side, Gagne's cheap, "only" $2.1 million for the rest of the year.

I also read that Gabbard was a soft-tosser, and this was the time to get the most value for him. Maybe, but I'm happy with a soft tosser who throws shutouts!

But then a friend of mine pointed out that maybe this is more of a strategic move than anything else. If the Sox have Gagne, the Yankees don't.

That's got to be it. This hurts the Yankees, and if the Sox can try to keep the Yankees out of the playoffs, they should do so.

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Anonymous said...

755. a sad day. selig sucks. it's all his fault. the game went into the 12th inning, but lamar was pulled earlier. wonder if lamar was still at the stadium by the 12th... i heard his family left the stands when lamar was pulled. haha!