Thursday, August 05, 2004

More trouble at the butcher yesterday. I attempted to order "four tenths of a pound of ground beef". Apparently for a graduate of the US school system this is tricky.

"What, you want a quarter pound?"
"No, four tenths--for a burger."
(looking at me like I'm crazy) "Four tenths?" "That's not enough for a burger"
"Yeah, it is. Four tenths of a pound."

I think I figured out the right way to ask for 0.4 pounds of ground beef. One asks for "point forty". I'll try it next time.

The burger, of course, was delicious. I make fantastic burgers.


Anonymous said...

Drake--I know you. You can eat a pound of plain linguine.

Just get the extra tenth of a pound and stop wasting the lives of the people waiting behind you in line.

Anonymous said...

a pound of linguine WITH butter... not just plain linguine.

cabbage too. though not a full head of cabbage.

why not simply order 2 lbs and get five burgers? who goes to a butcher and orders enough meat for one burger? do you go to the deli and ask for two slices of ham? when you go to safeway, do you ask to simply buy 2 slices of wonderbread instead of the whole loaf?

i'm unclear on the ordering practices of the drake. clearly, he's not a member of costco.

Anonymous said...

Why not just say "Gimme Ted Williams, 1941" -- you will get a very carefully measured out .406 pounds. Or you may get the rat they trapped last night if the guy is a Yankee fan.