Saturday, August 07, 2004

I know that the second "anonymous" is Cho, but who's the first?

The reason i just get enough for one burger is that I walk past the grocery every day on the way back from work. If I want something, I stop in a get it. I store very little food at my house. This is the part of urban life that I love--walking to get things, especially now that there's a store near me (no thanks to Chris Daly, who opposed it because corporations are bad). I don't even make a weekly trip to the store. I just go whenever I need anything. (Right now, for instance, I'm going to get a cantelope for breakfast.)

Now, as for asking for half a pound of beef, that's an idea. I'll have to test the mechanics of a half pound burger (as they get bigger, it's tougher to make sure they stay together on the grill). I'm going to try the "point forty" idea first. Most importantly, they were out of ground buffalo last time. This is a more serious failing. I like the beef, but I love the buffalo.

As a sidenote to this sidenote, I don't eat as much as I used to. The days of a pound of linguini are over.

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