Sunday, September 12, 2004

Michigan lost yesterday. And looked bad. I take Michigan football too seriously. While staring at the wall after the game, I was thinking that Michigan is in danger of having a failed season.

I'd say the following are the characteristics of a failed season:

-losses to two of these three games: Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Michigan State;
-non-New Years bowl game;
or-four losses.

On the other hand, I'd say the following can be considered characteristics of a successful season:

-winning the Rose Bowl (duh)
-beating Ohio State, State, and Notre Dame; or
-winning a major Jan. 1 bowl game.

Any result between these two results in a "nondescript" season. Last year (Rose Bowl loss, three losses overall, victories against State, Ohio State and Notre Dame) was nondescript. If, for instance, Michigan had come back and beat Oregon, it would rank as a success, but three losses is tough to accept.

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Anonymous said...

Wins for Ohio State & BGSU and a Michigan LOSS...what else could a football fan ask for? Sorry Matthew, they will rebound and give OSU a whipping, just be patient.