Monday, September 06, 2004

I am an obnoxious Michigan fan. (This has meant that in the last decade I've largely ignored college basketball.) More importantly, the first game of the season was Saturday against Miami of Ohio.

Michigan looked ok. Defense was pretty good. I'm not happy about the running game, though. Michigan needs to be able to run the ball for more than 115 yards. For that matter, Michigan should also pass for more than 159 yards, but at least there's more of an excuse for low passing yards because our starting QB was a true freshman.


Anonymous said...

Cal 54 AirForce 14. Drake, how about reporting on the REAL news of the day?

Anonymous said...

Matthew...Michigan sucks! You should be an OSU (this is Ohio State of course) fan, regardless of where you went to school. It makes sense to call a good team home. Of course my BGSU Falcons looked pretty good against Oklahoma. A repeat of last year in the making...just give them time.