Thursday, March 18, 2004

Props to the A's, for signing Eric Chavez. I like the A's. They're a fun team, they have smart management, and they have really cheap tickets. It's a great crowd at A's games too. In sharp contrast to Giants 'fans' (hey, I love Pac Bell Park too--it's a great park and it's completely privately financed, but 25% of the fans are watching the game and 75% are chattering on their cell phones or loudly talking about their investments), A's fans are loud and energetic. It's a great atmosphere. And did I mention $1 hot dogs on Wednesdays? A surefire recipe for success.

[The Oakland Coliseum is also the site of one of my favorite baseball memories--Game 5 of the Sox-A's series last year. But I'm being nice to the A's, so I won't mention it again.]

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