Tuesday, March 23, 2004

A friend of mine sent me a long passionate post about why I should care about this golf club (it's called "Augusta" apparently). On the one hand, I'm elated (someone somewhere is reading!). On the other, I have to make the effort to defend why I don't care, which is difficult because it doesn't matter to me anyway.

So I'll go into more detail about why I don't care about it:

(a) I don't care about pro golf. At all. Zero. Sorry.

(b) Augusta is a bunch of really rich guys who decide to have their own golf club. So what? If they invite Carly Fiorina (for instance), then it becomes a bunch of really rich people who have their golf club.

(c) The Masters has no interest to me. (See (a) above) It may have a bunch of big sponsors or whatever. I've never watched it, never read about it, and honestly I can't give a damn.

(d) There may be valid legal arguments on both sides, but I can't make myself care enough to read them. The successful result of a lawsuit would be to make a bunch of rich guys include a woman. It doesn't affect me. At all. (See (b) above)

I'm sorry, I still can't come up with a reason to care. In fact, this is sort of a self-fulfilling posting. I could say more, but I just don't care enough to bother. In the meantime, feel free to send me comments (drakethoughts@yahoo.com), but don't be surprised if your comments about this "Augusta" place are met with a bored silence.

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