Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Yesterday's post got me thinking. Not to get all Bill James, but there can now by no doubt that Maddux is the greatest pitcher in baseball history whose last name ends in x.

Obviously, the previous titleholder was Sandy Koufax, who, or all of his brilliance, was good only for six years.

Other contenders, off the top of my head, include Harvey Haddix, and Greg's brother Mike Maddux. Am I missing anyone?


Anonymous said...

How can you have forgotten the great Claude Hendrix?


Anonymous said...

milt wilcox: 119 W's
jimmie foxx: HoFer, 1945 he started 2 games, won 1. in those 2 games, he had 10 K's.
al mamaux: 21 wins in 1915 & 1916

cho here.