Saturday, May 26, 2007

Al Mamaux?

Eddie, dude, tell me you didn't go through the list of all baseball players ever to unearth Al Mamaux.

On the other hand, he (Mamaux) had a very respectable career, was traded for Casey Stengal and he played with Ruth, Gehrig, and Wally Pipp. He's worth discussing, and I hereby elevate him above Mike Maddux.

Pending future discoveries, I think we can agree on:

1. Greg Maddux
2. Sandy Koufax
3. Harvey Haddix
4. Milt Wilcox (I should have remembered him)
5. Claude (Jimi) Hendrix
6. Al Mamaux
7. Mike Maddux
8. Double X

Haddix beats Wilcox due to more wins and also his legendary Greatest Game Ever Pitched, which coincidentally is also the Greatest Game Ever Pitched And Lost.
Both beat Jimi, who is dinged due to suspicious gambling.

Incidentally, Foxx gets bonus points for being in a poem, though inevitably Gehrig got the best stanza.


Anonymous said...

drake, you should know me better than that...

i downloaded that database a few years back. excellent stuff in there. enables useless trivial queries like great pitchers whose names end in 'X'

this was cho.

Anonymous said...

for instance,
- michigan mlb players (165) have hit 489 home runs collectively.
- el camino JC players (54) have hit 675 home runs.
- canadian pitchers have hurled more K's than pitchers born in puerto rico (19160 to 17177)
- pete rose has more AB's than the baltimore orioles (14053 vs 12000+)

Anonymous said...

- Q is the only letter to not be the last one of a player's name
- the most common last letter of the last name is N
- one player's name ended in J (johnny welaj, 1940s)
- one player's name ended in V (bob cerv, 1950s)
- X is the 20th most common last name last letter.
- there has been 1 cho, 7 drake's, 0 schlamp's. however, there was 1 lamp...