Thursday, June 24, 2004

I've had one central concern all along about the war in Iraq. The Kurds. I've been wondering from the start about what happens if the Kurds declare an independent Kurdistan. What would we do if Turkey invades? What would we do?
Of course, if the Kurds don't declare independence, all my concern is for naught.

It's obviously difficult if not impossible for anyone to really know what's going on in Iraq via the internet. One can read all one wants, but one can't really get a sense of things. So I didn't know what was going on with the Kurds. Then, last week, I saw this picture on yahoo

I'd never heard of Ghazi Talabani, but he was apparently an official with the Iraqi oil company. And he was a Kurd. While his death is undoubtedly a tragedy for all who knew him, that's not what jumped out at me. Look at the flag, the one on top of his body. That's the key thing. I didn't recognize that flag, but I had my suspicions. It's the flag of Kurdistan (which doesn't officially exist as a country, mind you).

Seems to me that if the Kurds are burying their people under the Kurdistan flag, Iraq (as a united country) is in trouble. To me, that looks like nationalism and patriotism.

My problem is not with the Kurds. I'm rather impressed at what they've done. Personally I wouldn't mind an independent Kurdistan, if it could be worked out. The problem is that Turkey and Iran would be extremely unhappy, and would likely both try to invade Iraq. And if that happens, all bets are off......

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