Thursday, June 10, 2004

I'm still against interleague play. Aside from the sentimental fact that it cheapens the World Series, it's not fair, now that we're burdened with three divisions. Different divisions play different opponents, which matters in the wild card.

For instance, the AL West is a tough, tough division. The AL Central is not as tough. The NL Central plays against the AL West, while the NL East gets a chance to beat up on the AL Central. In the wild card race, a team from the East is going to have an edge over a team in the NL Central, just because it's faced the Tigers and Royals instead of the A's and Angels.

It's not fair, but neither is the fact that Bud Selig's been pocketing the revenue sharing money himself instead of spending it on players. Commissioner Bud's never been about fairness.

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