Monday, November 17, 2008

No We Can't!

Well I like Obama but I wasn't happy to see that he supports a playoff in college football.

As I've said before (and before), the problem with a playoff is figuring out how many teams to invite. Playoff proponents gloss over this question, but it's actually enormously important. Just check out the comments here. People argue for six teams, eight teams, twelve teams, sixteen teams, etc.

Until playoff proponents can give a rational argument for a certain number of teams, there's no reason to discuss a playoff.

Case in point: 2005. Texas and USC were undefeated and they met for a (fantastic) national championship game. Should they have been forced to play Penn State and Oregon, each of which lost a game earlier, before playing each other? No!


Anonymous said...

oh man, whenever i hear you (or anyone) mention "the BCS is not broken for college football" my brain shuts down, like whenever you hear me mention the words "pitch" and "count".

i'm sorry, but yours is just an asinine argument. the patriots were 16-0 after the regular season. should they have gotten a free pass? it's called playoffs.

2 wins for Texas were against 1-10 and 4-7 teams.

4 of usc's wins were against 2-9, 3-8, and two 4-7 teams.

so, yeah, i think they absolutely should have played penn state and oregon. what the heck? drake, you are smart, but this blog is (drake)*(-1)

Anonymous said...

college football is the way it is not because it determines the best team, but because it lines the most pockets. That alone should dictate that it is broken. It also dictates that it will never change.

- Mr. Obvious