Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Sabathia

Aaaaaand it only gets worse for the Cardinals. Now it's three consecutive complete game wins for Sabathia.

I think the Cards are done. If Carpenter had been healthy they could have stuck around, but I don't think they can last.

Dave Duncan is still the best. Kyle Lohse is now 12-2, after having won 12 games total the previous three years. He's still 29, so maybe he'll end up a long term quality starter.

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Anonymous said...

the cards are done? 12 over .500 at august's doorstep? you are a sick person. virtually tied with the brew crew at 4 games back of the cubs. i hate the cards, and it worries me that everyone talks cubs-brewers and leaves the cards out of the conversation.

i need some drakethoughts on manny being traded for brett favre.

this is ed, btw.