Friday, September 21, 2007


Let me get this straight, the guy who spent $750,000 on Bonds' record breaking home run ball is going to let people vote on what he should do with it?

I'm with Barry: The guy is an idiot.

My first thought was that this guy was a real jerk, because if you're going to spend $750,000, there are plenty of good ways to spend it.

But it turns out that he's already familiar with philanthropy. This whole auction is just all for publicity.

For what it's worth, I voted to put the ball in the Hall of Fame. Like him or hate him, Bonds is important to baseball history.

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Dan said...

I voted for the asterisk.

I like to think that over time, Bonds will become like the Boston Marathon's Rosie Ruiz. She wore the laurels, she got the medals. But then people realized she was just a big cheater, and now she's just a story you talk about while having a beer at Crossroads. It's fame, but not Hall of Fame.

I recognize this will take longer to occur in San Francisco than the rest of the country.