Thursday, August 09, 2007


Michigan has signed up Utah to finish up its 2008 football schedule.

This is a mediocre out of conference schedule. Utah is a respectable opponent; Miami of Ohio and Toledo are not. I see no reason we should be stuck with two MAC teams. Blech.

Utah is better. They had a good season in 2004, and they play in the, uhhhh, Mountain West conference (I had to look it up). Far preferable to the MAC. I think at a minimum, our patsies should be teams of the caliber of Utah. They seem fired up about playing in Ann Arbor; I have to think that other programs would also appreciate the exposure.

I'd also prefer a team like Cincinnati, which has a home-and-home series with Oklahoma (!) set up, with the game at Cincinnati being played at Paul Brown Stadium, where the Bengals play. I think it would be cool for Michigan to do something similar; although their coach discounts it, I bet they'd agree to play two games in Ann Arbor and one in Cincinnati.

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