Sunday, March 04, 2007

How To Lose Fans

Apparently Michigan had a good shot at beating Ohio State in Ann Arbor, but blew it.

This validates my decision, made several years ago, to stop caring about Michigan basketball. I can't remember the last time I watched a Michigan basketball game. I don't even bother entering NCAA tournament pools.

It's like how I stopped paying attention to the NFL after the Browns announced they would leave Cleveland in 1995. And like the decision to ignore the NFL, ignoring college basketball has turned out to be great. I've got plenty of things to pay attention to anyway.

UCLA beat Michigan this year and a friend of mine who's an obnoxious UCLA fan tried to give me a hard time about it. It didn't work, because I didn't care.

Am I just a fair weather fan? Well maybe. I did go to all the Michigan games when I went to school there. But it's difficult to be fired up about a team that (a) stinks, (b) is never on TV, (c) never makes the NCAA tournament (see (a) above), and (d) stinks every year.

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