Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hmmm, so either Michigan or Florida will play Ohio State for the national championship. I'm a big Michigan fan, but I have to admit that Florida should probably go. Ohio State beat us already; they shouldn't have to beat us again.

One interesting argument the SEC people make is that the SEC is the toughest conference. I don't know if that's true, but I thought I'd compare the out-of-conference schedules of the SEC with the Big 10.

Big 10 teams have

SEC teams have, in total, two wins against teams in the top 25. Tennessee clobbered Cal at home, and Georgia beat Georgia Tech. All told, the SEC was 9-6 against teams from the six BCS conferences, with one additional loss to a non-BCS conference team (Mississippi State lost to Tulane). Call them 9-7.

Big 10 teams also have two wins against top 25 teams. Ohio State won decisively at Texas and Michigan hammered Notre Dame in South Bend. Both Texas and Notre Dame were #2 when they were defeated. The Big 10 was 7-4 against teams from the BCS conferences, with four losses to non-BCS conference teams (Ohio University, Hawaii, New Hampshire, and Nevada). Wisconsin's schedule is especially embarrassing. Ugh.

So to me, the conferences look about the same. Five of the Big 10's losses were by its crap teams (Northwestern, Illinois). I just think that it's wrong to make Ohio State beat Michigan twice. Much as it pains me, we had our chance.

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