Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I hate to do it, but I have to go with the Yankees, at least to win the AL East. If he can be healthy, Randy Johnson will go about 24-3.

I do hope the Sox can make the wild card again. I'll go with Oakland in the West and Minnesota in the Central.

In the NL, I'll go with Atlanta (come on, 14 consecutive years, they know what they're doing) in the East, St. Louis in the Central, and the Giants in the West. I think Bonds is going to come back in June and be rested all year. The wild card is tough, maybe the Dodgers? Maybe the Marlins? I'll go with the Fish.

Anything can happen in the playoffs, so it's silly to pick winners of those series. But I'd sure be happy with a rematch of last year's World Series.

I think Pedro's going to have a fantastic year for the Mets (though he'll be mediocre by the end of his contract) and I'll pick him for the Cy Young. Johnson in the AL. I know, a cop out, but he should have won it last year, even going 16-14....

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Anonymous said...

A very unbiased prognosis by the Drake. If the Big Unit does half of what you say, I'll be happy. Or, make that 2/3rds of what you say.