Sunday, January 23, 2005

If it's accurate, this article is worrisome. It claims that extremist Islamicism is on the rise in Bangladesh. Although for now they look to be mainly focused on torturing and killing their local political rivals, this philosophy has brought forth enough poisenous fruit elsewhere that we should still be worried. The Taliban started out as just another party in Afganistan's civil wars before moving to virulent anti-Americanism.

I think that we're creating more and more enemies around the world, and I maintain that this is a bad thing. Unfortunately, our president does not seem to share this logic. He does not seem to care about creating enemies. He's convinced that we'll just attack them. I'd rather we didn't have to.

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Rezwan said...

"Extreme Islaimsm is on the rise in Bangladesh" its true as a statement. In reality, being a majority muslim country Bangladesh was moderate since its birth. One of the reasons, it has gained independence from Pakistan (which was meant to be a muslim country) is to free itself from bigotism. The Pakistanis wanted to ethnic cleanse the Hindus in 1971 and Bengalis (irrespective of religion and race) resisted them.

Now those quraters are active again. Because Pakistan is in rivalry with India, its intelligence ISI is playing a role (probably funded by Arab nations) in establishing training centers for fundamentalists and raising communal tensions. With a large uneducated and poor population, it is easier for the politians and media to instigate anti-western feelings. Because of the corrupted politicians these quarters are coming into limelight. I think one day they will try to clinch the power stating that all the polticians (except them are corrupt). We are really in an awkward situation being let down by the people we voted to keep our hope, our vision alive.

I, being one of the many educated and level-headed Bangladeshis am raising my voice against these bigotism since my youth.

And remember, if they rise, we will be the first defence. We will not let our country take over by those medieval bigots.