Saturday, October 30, 2004

I like Eminem.

I like him more after his new video.

I'm not sure why Bush has any popularity. The way I see it, he has one half of a success: Afghanistan. He was right to go in, he was right to prop up Hamid Karzai. But it's only half, because he was wrong to pull our troops away from there for his Ahab-ish Iraq war.

His more obvious failures include: (1) Iraq (was not and never was connected with terrorism); (2) economy; (3) lack of energy policy (giving handouts to energy companies doesn't reduce our dependence on the House of Saud; (4) the environment; (5) the attacks of Sept. 11 (he should have done more--after reading the report of the September 11 Commission, it's clear why Bush fought like hell to prevent it from coming into existence and then from doing its job).

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