Thursday, April 01, 2004

I am angry about Iraq.

I am angry about what happened to those Americans. I am also very angry at our government. Why are we using these guys? Don't we have soldiers to do this? Why were they driving a Mitsubishi SUV and not an armored hummer? Oh, that's because the administration doesn't have enough armored hummers, and this page:
has a picture of GI's attaching a big BOX OF SAND to the back of one for "armor". I'm not making this up. WHY THE HELL ARE OUR SOLDIERS USING SAND FOR ARMOR? THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE BULLSHIT!

I'm angry that Donald Rumsfeld decided that we could rule Iraq with fewer soldiers than the Army wanted. We flat-out don't have enough soldiers there. Instead of admitting a mistake, the administration is now employing this Blackwater outfit. I'm sure they're very capable--the men who died are apparently either ex-special forces types. But we have to hire these mercenaries because we don't have enough soldiers there. And what other mercenary outfits are we hiring? I'm angry that we're not using soldiers, who must be better armed and at least are within some sort of command structure so they can more quickly call for help. We need more soldiers in Iraq.

I'm livid that this happened, because it's not surprising. We've managed to kill a hefty number of civilians in Fallujah. It doesn't matter how. Their fault, our fault, it doesn't matter. An elementary observation from Israel's nightmare is that killing people, even accidentally, makes things worse. Much worse.

I remember being physically ill when I saw the pictures from Mogadishu. And I'm angry because I'm not physically ill this time. I angry that I've apparently built a tolerance to seeing Americans burned and dragged through the street though cheering crowds. I hope this is the last time I see it, but I'm not optimistic. And that make me angriest of all.

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